Model Call

Model for our ..

Future Stylists – Graduate level

Suitable for any style, any person , male and female with time and patience on their hands
Lead by our NVQ assessor and barbering coach who will educate and supervise our young future stylists showing them the structure of a haircut and the how’s, when’s and why’s .
Duration 1hour min- 2 .30 hours max – needed daily except Saturday

Advanced Skills Academy

Suitable for outgoing , trend aware , fashion conscious males and females
Lead by our creative directors who will create and teach advanced cutting and colour techniques to our current too funky hair stylists & barbers .
These sessions are used to demonstrate and educate how the world of hairdressing is moving forward .
Duration 1.30 hours min – 3.30 hours max – selected days

Competitions and photoshoots suitable for confident, extrovert fashionistas , students or aspiring models both male and female or people who want to do something exciting in their spare time.

Lead by award winning Lee Marsh
NHF Competition Judge and competition winner 2005 -2010
Trend vision Regional winner 2011
Redken Colour runway regional winner 2012


Duration : Must be available any day including Sunday’s and be prepared for trial runs before shows.

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